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What we won't do!

  • We don’t charge per lead

    A £5 fee to see the enquiry? And no business at the end of it? Did the lead exist or did the platform just want your money? How many times was the ‘lead’ sold? 5? 10? 20?

  • We don’t promote your leads to other similar suppliers or competitors

    We hate websites that once to make an enquiry to one company they promote 5 competitors for you to talk to as well. Destroying the value of the lead and creating a feeding frenzy for the business; guaranteeing you more time and effort competing and reducing your profit margin on the job if you get it.

  • We don’t mark up your prices

    Your customer, your prices! We don’t need a cut.

  • We don’t force a discount from your public price and force your profits down

    We hate when agencies do that!

  • We don’t hide your leads

    We send them directly to you. You don’t have to go looking for them, they will come to you.

  • We don’t hide your contact details

    We promote your website, your social media, we show you email and phone number. We want the customer to contact you whatever method they choose. We are here to promote your business, not hinder it.

  • We don’t resell your leads

    Your enquiries are your enquiries. If you can’t help the customer but have a friend who can. Feel free to share it! If they are in our community or not.

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