Holy Communion Season: How to plan a perfect Holy Communion celebration on a budget


Here are some ways that Party Suppliers Direct can help reduce the stress and expense of the Holy Communion season. Make the day simple and perhaps different:

The trend to be extravagant, spend a small fortune on your child for the communion is putting enormous pressure on the parents like never before. You don’t need to get the horse drawn carriage or the limo to chauffeur the child around town just to show that you love them.

Bouncy Castles/ Inflatables: they come in all shapes and sizes, many suppliers have Disco Domes with lights and speakers. Water slides and wrecking balls, the choices are vast (if you’re fast enough). This is prime time for bouncy castles, many local suppliers sell out fast on Holy Communion weekends especially when the neighbouring parish has their communion on the same weekend. It’s hard to beat the reliable entertain value of a bouncy castle.  If this is your go to solution get in early and book your castle today.

If you late to the party don’t worry, we have more ideas.

Fairytale Pony rides: make you little angel feel like the princess on the of her first special day. You can hire a pony and handier to come to your home and for the day

Your girl can groom and ride her very own pony or unicorn (they exist!) that would truly be a day to remember. Admit it you can picture her little face lighting up when she opens the door to a unicorn.

Home Entertainers: with the expansion of the event entertainment industry in Northern Ireland the choice of entertainers is getting wider and wider with new options appearing almost every week. Magicians and ‘paint your own’ parties are a fantastic and differently entertaining options to consider. An entertainer will come to you and entertain the kids while you de stress from the organised chaos of getting everyone to the communion and back without destroying the clothes or killing each other.

Nerf Wars: do you have a garden? Then you can have Nerf Wars, turn your normally quiet oasis of tranquilly into a battle zone! This is the perfect activity to entertain kids big and small, Nerf Wars is a great mixer. Boys and Girls alike can run around and wage war, raise hell, make as much noise as they want (outside of course) Allowing you to catch up with the extended family while the cousins destroy each other.

Pizza Party and Movie Marathon: Sometimes after a long day of photographs and singing kids are just like their parents, burnt out. They may just want to ‘veg out’ and chill. Why not simply push back the sofa, get the duvets down and order some pizza, crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks for a movie marathon. For some the stresses of the big day can be overwhelming, dragged here and there, getting to the venue, being the centre of attention, forced photographs with school mates. It can be a lot. Pizza treats and getting lost in a good movie can be the perfect way to relax and decompress.

Shopping: for kids the best part of the day is often opening the cards and seeing how much money they got, they have never been so rich! It could be the perfect time for them to get that toy or game that they always wanted and now that they have all the money in the world. They would be able to pay for it themselves. Decades after my own holy communion I still remember the space hopper I insisted we get right away, the first thing I ever bought with my own money, that I played with once and never again.

Whatever you decide to do, the child will not worry about how much money was spent on them, the memories they will have will be of the small things. As parents, try to enjoy the day, no one will remember the siblings fighting each other or the baby that cried during the service.

Grab as much happiness as you can, when you can. The kids are growing up way to fast!!

Take pictures, lots of pictures! Not just the posed ones, take real pictures

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