4 Great reasons to book your Hen or Stag activity direct.


A great Hen or Stag activity is vital for a memorable weekend, it’s the talking point in the bar afterwards, it’s the bonding moment between new friends and it’s the all important icebreaker for the Bride to be or Groom’s different groups of friends to gel with one and other.

Here are the all key tips from activity providers that the big agencies don’t want you to know!


1. Direct communication: Booking directly with activity suppliers allows for clear and direct communication, ensuring accurate information exchange and the ability to address specific requests or concerns promptly.



2. Cost savings: Cutting out the middleman (agency) often results in lower prices as there are no additional booking fees or commissions. Suppliers may also offer exclusive deals or discounts for direct bookings. Activity providers just like hotels like customers to book direct and will often offer better prices as they are not losing as much revenue to agency commissions. You save cash, they increase revenue. It’s a WIN / WIN.

3. Flexibility: Direct bookings often offer greater flexibility in terms of customization, such as adjusting activity schedules or making last-minute changes, as you’re dealing directly with the source.
4. Personalized experience: Direct bookings can lead to a more personalized experience as suppliers may be able to tailor activities or services to better suit your preferences or requirements, fostering a more memorable and enjoyable experience. Agencies can only offer a standardised package. they have 100’s of groups a weekend in many different cities they have to be standard options and little or no variation. If you want something different, something tailored to the stag or hen you have to go direct to the supplier.


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